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News: French Plans To Commemorate WW1 Centenary


The year 2014 will mark the beginning of the centenary of the First World War. In view of this great international memorial event, a report written by Mr. Joseph ZIMET, Directorate of memory, heritage and archives at the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs, was presented on November 11 2011 to  the President of the Republic.

The report offers a foreshadowing division of laboor between the state and local authorities, with public policy that focuses on the beginning (2014) and the end (2018) of the commemoration. The Official Centennial commemorative program for the year 2014 will be organized around six major events taking place between June 28 2014, the European opening of the Centenary, and November 11 2014, when the writer and Great War veteran  Maurice Genevoix could enter the Pantheon [note: this is the direct translation: it relates to a desire for Genevoix’s ashes to be transferred to the Panthéon cemetery].

Organized as a true co-production between the state, foreign partners, territories and associations, the program proposed for the Centenary Memorial also suggests an effort to scan and put online the archives of eight million individual veterans of the First World War, the adding of World Heritage status to key landscapes and sites of memory of the Great War, and the creation of a commission to consider the issue of executed soldiers of the Great War.

An interministerial taskforce will be created at the beginning of the year 2012, to implement the program of commemorative centenary of the First World War.

Source: French Plans For 2014


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2 thoughts on “News: French Plans To Commemorate WW1 Centenary

  1. Do you know if France plan a database of their soldiers like Lives of the First World War?

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