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Centenary Website: WW1 Bridges, The Great War on the Piave

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The Great War in Northern Italy is something of a forgotten aspect of WW1. The Italian Army entered the conflict in 1915 and fought against troops from the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the plains and mountains of Northern Italy. The Italian Army was nearly routed after the Battle of Caporetto in 1917 and British troops moved to the area at this time; by the close of the war there were troops here from many nations. In terms of battlefield visitors the area has nothing approaching the level of visitors on the Western Front but it does get a huge amount of tourism because there are walking trails in the hills and mountains.

The World War I Bridges website hopes to redress this, certainly in terms of English speaking visitors. The site states it is,

“…an Italy-based “radar” of what is moving around the Great War (books, movies, artists, web resources, digital projects, places, battlefield itineraries, museums, exhibitions, events and other initiatives) and the upcoming centenary. The armies used to explode the bridges in war operations. We now try to build new bridges on the eve of the WWI centenary from Maserada sul Piave, a small Italian village along the Piave River.”

The site has been live for some time and contains a host of interesting articles with some great photographs, many of which have never been published before (such as the one below of the 7th Division Memorial in 1966).

The British 7th Division Memorial after the Piave floods in 1966 (WW1 Bridges)

There are also some posts on WW1 battlefield sites in Northern Italy, giving a good insight into how different the terrain is here to what most people think of when they imagine a Great War battlefield.

Monte Grappa Battlefield, Italy (WW1 Bridges)

One of the objects of the WW1 Centeneary should be to highlight neglected aspects of the conflict like the fighting in Italy and the WW1 Bridges website is an excellent portal into redressing that for the Italian campaign. The project is also on Twitter.


Author: ww1centenary

Military Historian & author who works in Television: visiting & interpreting battlefields all over the world. Currently working on WW1 projects for 2014-18.

One thought on “Centenary Website: WW1 Bridges, The Great War on the Piave

  1. Hi, I live in Saletto di Piave, about 5 miles from Maserada. I’ve been thinking about organizing or taking part in any event in remembrance of our boys who fought here almost 100 years ago. I would greatly appreciate any info or news thanks

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