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WW1 Books: Great War Tommy Haynes Manual

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As the WW1 Centenary approaches the publishers are moving up a gear and bringing out more and more titles. I spent some time in my local bookshop recently looking at some of these and am amazed at how poor some are and wonder if they would have ever attracted the attention of anyone in publishing if next year was not 2014.

Among these all too often average titles are a few beacons of light and among them is Professor Peter Doyle’s superb Great War Tommy Haynes Manual. The Haynes manuals for cars have long been extended into the realms of military history with books on Lancaster bombers and Tiger tanks for example. This new volume is an excellent tour de force of what the British soldier was all about in the Great War, with chapters on Equipping and Training men, trenches and trench routine, and trench warfare. With his usual skill and eloquence Peter Doyle weaves these aspects together and supplements the text with a wonderful range of contemporary images, modern reconstructions and material from archaeological work he has been involved in. It is a well produced and handsome book to handle, full of quality in the way it is presented by both author and publisher, and to my mind is the best single volume yet produced on what it was to be a British Tommy in the Great War. Highly recommended.

The book can be purchased from the publisher:  Great War Tommy Haynes Manual.


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Military Historian & author who works in Television: visiting & interpreting battlefields all over the world. Currently working on WW1 projects for 2014-18.

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