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WW1 Book Review: Armageddon’s Walls

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Armageddon’s Walls: British Pillboxes 1914-1918 by Peter Oldham (Pen & Sword 2014, ISBN 978 1 78303 300 3, 286pp, hardbound, £25.00)

The pillboxes of the Great War stand in large numbers across the old battlefields of the Western Front but as they are often tucked up behind modern buildings or seen in isolation in the middle of a field they can very difficult to ‘read’. What were they used for? Who built them and when? That is where this new book comes in. It looks at the background to the construction of and use of concrete structures by the British Army in the Great War and the rest of the book acts as an excellent gazetteer to the pillboxes which still exist in the British sector from Flanders to the Somme. It is packed with illustrations, including some wartime images of the bunkers that still survive, along with useful maps and lots of information. Not exactly a book you would want to read from cover to cover but very useful indeed to have in the car when visiting the battlefields. Highly recommended.

Available from the publisher’s website.


Author: ww1centenary

Military Historian & author who works in Television: visiting & interpreting battlefields all over the world. Currently working on WW1 projects for 2014-18.

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