WW1 Centenary

Great War Centenary 2014-2018 website by Paul Reed


The year 2014 marks the centenary of the First World War.

This site is by military historian and author Paul Reed to post news, articles and photographs connected with the WW1 centeneary throughout 2014 to 2018.

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  1. Thankful Village Run 2013
    Next year is 100 years since the start of WW1.

    Triumph Motorcycles are 100% behind the Thankful Villages.
    Triumph Motorcycles are proud to be involved in this years Thankful Village run, the are giving full support to all the Villages and riders.

    Dougie Bancroft Said, “ We had a meeting down at the head office this week at Triumph Motorcycles and they were brilliant, they are 100% behind the project and we are all over whelmed, we can not believe it all; we can say we will be arriving on great British Bikes and smiling in all the villages as we show respect.

    The Thankful Village run is going from strength to strength and bikers from all over the country are getting involved with this adventure, even have motorcyclist coming in from Milan to take part.
    The have been contacted by many clubs and the Welsh First Minister is also supporting the run.

    These are villages with no war memorial because all who went off to fight in the Great War were lucky enough to return home. Many had been scarred physically and/or mentally by their horrific ordeal. We are proud that our ride will raise funds for the Royal British Legion.

    This year Medwyn Parry and Dougie Bancroft will be visiting every one of the 51 Thankful Villages in the United Kingdom – 14 of these are “Double Thankful”, where they also returned from the Second World War. The journey will start at Llanfihangel y Creuddyn, near Aberystwyth, at 9:00am on Saturday the 27th of July, and some 2,500 miles and 9 days later it will finish at the same point, at about 6:00pm on Sunday the 4th of August. The ride will raise funds for the Royal British Legion; nobody has visited all 51 in one journey.
    We must stress, this will NOT be a race, and it will NOT be a ride of endurance, it will be a ride of respect.
    We are hoping we can get support with accommodation and fuel, we need to fully recognise these villages before 2014 Anniversary.

    The local residents of the Thankful Villages are tremendously proud of their status. We would be very pleased to meet with local residents – especially descendants of those who survived the conflict – plus members of the Royal British Legion. We also plan to meet up with fellow riders who may want to join us for a part of the journey.

    We are also planning to present each village with a plaque saying “Thankful Village, WW1 100 years 2014”
    We are hopping that these will then be in place for next years anniversary, some of these Villages have not got plaques or any form of display in promoting they are a Thankful Village.

    Carwyn Jones First Minister for Wales backs Thankful Village Run.

    First Minister for the Welsh Government, Carwyn Jones, sent us this kind message today: It is the duty of all of us to remember the wars that defined the 20th Century, conflicts rightly remembered for their deadly toll, both military and civilian. However, the Thankful Villages Run is unique in that it asks us to remember those who were sent to war, who saw action on the front line, but also managed to return home. This is about recognising the places where everyone came back, stories we often forget when we remember the First and Second World Wars. These were communities with no plaques, no cross to mourn the fallen, yet still scarred by the realities of war. It is a difficult for most of us to imagine what these men and women saw and experienced and the struggles they faced as they tried to continue their normal lives after the last shots were fired. The Thankful Villages Run is a special way in which we can remember them and reflect on the past, but also help us understand to try and understand conflicts across the world today. I wish everyone involved in the Thankful Villages Run 2013 all the best.

    List and dates will shortly be announced.

    Please take a look at http://thankfulvillagesrun.com
    We also have a group on facebook called Thankful Villages runs 2013

    The national and local media are showing a huge amount of interest

    If you would like to take part in the event or want to know more please email medparry@btinternet.com or ring 07581 680695 or Dougie Bancroft, dougieb@dougieb.info or call 07538 079137


    For further information, please contact:
    Dougie Bancroft
    Mobile: 07538 079137.
    Email: dougieb@dougieb.info

    Med Parry
    Mobile: 07581 680695
    Email: medparry@btinternet.com

    Photo opportunities can be organised.
    Film crews can come along on the run and support the Bikers.

  2. Hello there,

    I am writing as I am in possession of my Great Grandmother’s beautifully written First World War diaries, from when she was 16 years old. My father and I have turned these diaries into an hour long presentation, which we have already performed in my home town of Faringdon, Oxfordshire and also in Bristol, near the house my Grandmother was brought up in. I am a professional actress myself and I dress as Edwardian lady and perform extracts from the diaries, with narration by my Father, also an actor.

    I have looked at your website with great interest and I was wondering if you have any recommendations of people who might like to book this presentaiton.

    I very much look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,

    Naomi Bullock

    • Sounds fascinating. Would love to see it myself! Have you thought about contacting the In Flanders Fields museum in Ieper (Ypres)? They may be interested in it for one of their centenary events?

  3. Remembrance and Solidarity Studies in the 20th century European history
    Special edition of ENRS academic periodical dedicated to First World War Centenary
    Available online on http://www.enrs.eu/studies

  4. What a pity Australian’s were not given the chance to have this series on our own Government Television station which work’s with the B.B.C. most of the time . The way i know about it was by chance two days ago . I Googled my Great Uncle’s name F.W.A.Steele to discover the series . It made me feel proud but also humble that he and his fellow soldiers a getting the recognition they deserve . It is a pity Australia does not place the Western Front and France as a significant place in it’s history . Australian’s and their misinformed Governments view ANZAC cove as moment when Australia became a nation . This is a myth that has developed through constant Government and media propaganda . In essence like Religion it gives the population a sense of belonging .

    • Please note I do not have any connection to this BBC series, I merely reviewed it. I have not approved some of the comments you made elsewhere on this Blog as you made threats of violence which I don’t think is necessary. I would urge you to make reasoned comments please.

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